1. Your images are no smaller than 300px
2. The editorial/s consists of 3 images minimum
3. The editorial/s have preferably been published
4. Submissions must include the name of the photographer/magazine
5. No self promotion

We are extremely specific about how we like our posts to be constructed, so please follow these instructions.

Use the upload tool to upload just one image from the editorial you intend to submit - this will be the main display image for your post.

All other images from the editorial/s must be attatched via HTML in the text area of your post. To achieve this, click the HTML tag to the top right of your text box - this will open your HTML editor.
Use the following code to attatch your images - <img src=”IMAGE URL” />

Repeat this step including all image URLs until the editorial is uploaded successfuly.
We do not accept Tinypic URLs or any other URLs that are prone to expire.

Once your editorial is attatched, please follow step 4 and include the name of the photographer and/or the magazine.
Example: Craig McDean for Vogue UK

If you have any questions, please contact



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